Monday, February 20, 2012

New contest rules..

We have update our contest rules as of Oct 1st 2011..... 

Rule to enter:
  • Blog author must be original Tanzanian nationality or blog author one parent must be of Tanzanian nationality original and a blog have strong focus on Tanzania.
  • Blog have been updated in the last six months. All efforts will be made to make sure the listed blogs have been updated in the last six months.
  • Blog must be public accessible.
  • Blogs that contains sexually explicit, extreme violence or offensive languages which are not suitable for Age Group "below 18 years old" must be properly declared, tagged and labeled to warn the general public that the blog contents is suitable for adult and mature readers only.
  • Blogs that contain articles that directly invoke discrimination based on race, ethnic belief, religious belief, politics, sex and sexual preferences are prohibited to join this event.
  • The family and immediate family affiliate to Tanzanian Blog awards will not allowed to enter. 
  • Any nominations that do not conform to the rules of each category will be ignored.
  • During voting process all nominations or votes left as comments on the Tanzania Blog Awards will be ignored.
  • Nominations will only be accepted on our blog site forms www. or if you cannot access that form send us email via ( or by private message on this site.
  • Forums are not allowed to participate.
  • Our sole purpose is to encourage, support bloggers so any rude, ignorant, hateful or spam comments will be deleted.
Categories Rules:
Originality - the key to originality is not in the WHAT but the HOW

Specialty - 90% of the blog's contents must relate to the category nominated. 

A blog that is 6 months or less only will allowed to enter The Best Newcomer Blog category only. 

Best Education Blog are only blogs that use informal learning and knowledge, research-based blogs, good starting points to read more about the latest news in the world of education, technology-assisted learning and blogs provide tips for current college education or life.

Best Photography Blogs are only blogs that offers an overall excellent photography that has been authentic taken by the blog owner, blog readers or professional taken for his/her posts/works.Blogs that copy and paste pictures from other sites or blogs won't allow to participate.

Best Design Blog - Obvious the best have a healthy online presence. These are excellent professional or non professional graphic designed blogs

These rules are subject to change.

Life time Achievement Awards 
The Tanzanian Blog Awards from 2012 each year will present a special TBA Lifetime Achievement Awards to recognize one person who have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of blogging, writing or educating. 
The recipient will be selected from the nomination and special vetting will be done. 
This life time achievement awards will have a different name each year because this is the only recognition we will let individual people who want to honor a person that have made positive impact into their lives like their first grade teachers, ministers, parents etc etc to do so.